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The Cold War is still freezing Time
A War that ended years ago still affects people today.

The cold War which took place over 4 decades ago still has everlasting effects on foreign countries today.

While it may be forgotten Cold War had a major effect on the World. The tension eventually lead to the Korean War . This took place in Korea decades ago yet the effects are still ongoing as families were separated and a border was then created.”The brutal war that raged 60 years ago killed more than two million Koreans, separated thousands of families, and created the world's most heavily fortified border. It also drew the alliances that exist today.”

The tension has not only lead to tension between America and Korea. The War created a civil tension which has not been fixed. People have lost their lives just because they were on the opposite side of the border. North Korea and South Korea
not only differ on their place on the map now but their ideals as well. While North Korea promotes the use of nuclear testing South Korea thinks of it as "an unforgivable threat to the Korean peninsula's peace and safety."

The war not only took a toll on Korea but on the middle east as well.When the Cold War began the Soviets seeked out to influence Middle Eastern Countries. Countries like Iraq had a mix of those who accepted and those who did not. This caused a violent divide which lead to the murdering of brothers, sisters and friends .While all this was happening the soviets were soaking up as much as the country's natural resources as possible.

War only creates more issues.

Nolan Burns, Writer

Mar 30, 2017
The Cold War is Still Freezing Time (Story)
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