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Discrimination Deserves Death

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On Friday, January 27, President Donald Trump passed a “travel ban” in his executive order which prohibits the entry of people from seven countries into the United States for the next 90 days. There are talks for more countries to be added to the seven.

The ban can be looked at as unconstitutional, inhumane, unfair, and unnecessary. The countries affected by the order are all Muslim-majority nations. The ban sparked up riots at airports immediately after its passing followed by people protesting the meaning of the ban, and its purpose.

The executive order states, “And while the visa-issuance process was reviewed and amended after the September 11 attacks to better detect would-be terrorists from receiving visas.” The purpose of the ban is to prevent terrorist acts on United States’ soil, but the terrorists who plotted the September 11 attack were from none of the countries listed in the ban.

The countries the order bans are Syria, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Sudan, Libya, and Somalia. The September 11 attackers were mainly from Saudi Arabia as others were from Egypt, Lebanon, and the United Arab Emirates which neither were listed in the ban.

The same can be said for other terror attacks on the United States in the recent decade. The Boston Marathon bomber was from Kyrgyzstan, not listed in the ban. The Aurora shooting was carried out by James Holmes, who was a United States citizen. The San Bernardino attackers were from the United States and Pakistan. The Orlando nightclub shooting was also carried out by a United States citizen.

As a country, racism and inequality were so close to being nonexistent. Accepting one another for who they has become less difficult for people everywhere, and many boundaries created for the sole purpose of separation have been knocked down. Ever since Donald Trump came into power, he has made it his goal to rebuild boundaries and create new forms of separation.

There is no need for any person to look down at another in the belief that they are a greater being. People should be able to look face to face with each other, and not make one greater than the other. Throughout the past century, the color of one’s skin started to mean nothing more than the color of their skin. Throughout the past century, a person can love who they want, and make the decisions they’ve always wanted to make with themselves that society was once against.

What will come from pitting one another against each other? Nothing.

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