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What Can be Done in Israel?

Anas Belkadi, Student

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A land that was once “fertile, gentle, and exceptionally beautiful”, now turned into nearly a war zone between two conflicted territories. Beginning around 3000 BC, the Middle East region was occupied by the Canaanite civilization. However, at around 1800 BC, the Hebrews began migrating to the area. According to the article by Mike Kubic, Their rule lasted until the 2nd Century BC, when they were defeated by invading Roman legions, and gradually left for other parts of the world.


Palestine, nearly five centuries later continued to fall under control of Arab followers of Islam. Following that, the Muslims were defeated by Christian Crusaders from Europe. In the thirteenth century, Palestine came under the rule of the Mamluk sultans of Egypt and in 1516, the region was conquered by Turkey which who were dominated by the Ottoman Empire.


On November of 1967, the United Nations Security Council demanded that Israel withdraw from the occupied territories, they did so unanimously. The United Nations had hoped that the Arab recognition would bring peace to Israel. The increasing of Israel aid from the United States expanded after President at the time, Lyndon B. Johnson authorized a sale to Israel of United States made Phantom fighter planes.


Since 1967, Presidents of the United States have promised and repeatedly guarantee the security of Israel while trying to bring peace to the Middle East. However, Israel may want to be very careful with this much help they’re receiving from the United States. According to Alan Greenblatt, U.S. Officials seeking to persuade allies and enemies to do things their way are engaged in a constant juggling act of lesser threats, small promises and peer pressure”. The United States may want something in return for the support they’re giving to Israel.


Israel can seek to do many things to fix this epidemic that’s surrounded their area. Take the United States’ support to their advantage, however, don’t become blindsided. I’m not saying that the United States are back stabbers or that they have something up their sleeve. All I’m saying is that Israel shouldn’t be shy when it comes to the aid they’re getting, they should use it, but not too much to the point of it getting to their heads.


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What Can be Done in Israel?