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An Artist’s Story

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An artist has a stroke in a small town and can’t use his dominant hand anymore but fights through to still do what he loves.


Having a stroke at 26 , who could of seen it

A young man wanted to be big like Warhol, at night he could dream it

Dreams of galleries of his art work and people coming to see it

But now he can’t even use the right side of his body,  he was cursed by a demon


Sitting in a hospital bed asking  himself why me?

He was just starting to make it,  people were now coming to see

The work of “that new young artist”

He thinks back on how he went the hardest


Painting 48 hours straight on what would be a beautiful work of art

He gets up looks in the mirror and touches his heart

Art isn’t about what your brain tells you to do

But what the heart does

So he gets up and prays to his God above


Give me the strength he asks

So I can continue to do my task

He grabs a napkin and goes to work

He tries with his right hand but it hurts


Hurts that he can’t hold a pen steady anymore

He’s been doing art since he was four

He tried with his left hand

His heart starts to beat like a band


He goes on , allowing his heart to guide his fingers

Day by day he practices with his left hand until the thought of his right hand no lingers

12 Months later he’s on the cover of the local newspaper

“Young man beats the odds and does the city a favor”

The once “ new young artist” is now that”new young art instructor”

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An Artist’s Story