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America’s Education Diminishing?

The PISA test demonstrates horrid scores while Common Core system continues to crumble.

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The PISA test exhibits a standard of below average regarding Mathematics and a high grade in other subjects in the U.S. While they struggle to provide a more efficient learning system. The United States have plummeting tests scores and aim to an annihilate the Common Core system that could possibly polish its education.

The PISA test was created in 1997 and is tested every three years in almost 70 countries. The survey has analyzed the performance of every economy and compared it to a standard they have built. These tests are given to a student between the ages 15 and 16. Overall, the purpose of this complex is to show if students are being taught adequately.
The Common Core system was established in 2009. About forty-two states have adopted the Common Core Standards that form around their public school. According to corestandards.org, this system reported to produce the most successful and beneficial scores across the United States as well as other countries. Several people have expressed their disapproval against Common Core including Donald Trump.
Although this method is essentially “great”, many oppose it and demand to repeal Common Core. From the PISA test scores, one can see that the U.S is doing well regarding Literature and Science. For mathematics, however the country did not pass as even average. If Common Core is advancing our students towards a high level of literature as well as science, it would not be smart to end it. The organization simply needs to improve its setup surrounding mathematics instead.
The United States has reportedly improved as the years progress ,especially from 2012. The issue is that Common Core has helped students, America cannot afford to lose this system just to satisfy the opinions of others and the PISA test scores show it.

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America’s Education Diminishing?